The nation’s leading anti-testing organization has issued a call to its supporters to turn out and welcome Secretary Duncan if he visits their communities on his cross-country bus tour.

Tell him why his teach-to-the-test policies are failing. Tell him why high-stakes testing is bad for the quality of education. Tell him that children need time to play and dance and sing, not just take test prep. Tell him that it is wrong to ditch physical education and the arts and recess for more testing.

Greet him warmly. Of course, the tour starts in Silicon Valley, where the edu-entrepreneurs are heavily represented.

Here is the FairTest message.

Give Arne’s “Bus Tour” a Warm Welcome  

Once again, Education Secretary Arne Duncan is running a “back to school” bus tour, starting in California on Sept. 12 and winding east to DC (see for full schedule).  

FairTest encourages assessment reformers to give Duncan the “welcome” his destructive policies deserve.  A handful of people is sufficient to make a big impact. You can leaflet the locations where Duncan and his surrogates stop, challenging their policies while educating the media and the audience. The National Resolution on High-Stakes Testing provides a succinct critique of federal testing policies (see

The tour starts in the Redwood City/Silicon Valley, California area. Other stops include: Sacramento, California; Reno and Elko, Nevada; Salt Lake City, Utah; Rawlins, Rock Springs, and Cheyenne, Wyoming; Denver and Limon, Colorado; Topeka and Emporia, Kansas; Kansas City and Columbia, Missouri; St. Louis, Missouri ; Mt. Vernon, Illinois; Evansville, Indiana; Lexington, Kentucky; Charleston and McDowell County, West Virginia; Roanoke and Richmond, Virginia.

If Duncan’s bus tour is visiting your region, please help make the public aware of the growing grassroots resistance to high-stakes testing.  Feel free to call on FairTest at any time for assistance in your important work.