A reader posts a particularly egregious example of the deceptive tactics used by StudentsFirst to enroll new members. I long ago reported that Change.org had decided not to allow Michelle Rhee’s organization to lure the unsuspecting into signing a petition that seemingly supports teachers, but actually enrolls them as in an effort to eliminate collective bargaining rights, tenure, seniority, and any form of job protection for experienced teachers. That’s what Change.org said, but it never acted on this new policy. It’s still enabling Rhee’s deceptive recruitment..

Diane, you have informed readers of your blog several times that you inadvertently signed a Students First petition because you did not know it was posted by Michelle Rhee’s organization.

In Philadelphia, the school nurses posted a petition to restore 100 positions that have been cut because it means nurses now have 1500 students they serve rather than 750, and most schools only have a nurse two days a week as a result. 


When you sign the petition, you are taken to another petition which says vote on our petition “Good Teachers Deserve Decent Pay”. (I don’t know if this happens to everyone, it did to me.) In the fine print, it says this is a Students First petition. I’m sure many people click on it not realizing this is a vote in support of privatization.

By their deceptive methods, the deformers show their contempt for democracy. As far as they are concerned deception, lying, and stealing public property are OK as long as it promotes their privatization agenda.