A U.S. District Court judge ruled that a special education teacher who was fired for complaining about cheating may sue former Chancellor of Schools Michelle Rhee and his former principal Donald Presswood. The teacher, Bruno Mpoy, complained that the principal directed him to falsify test scores. He refused to do so, and he said he was subjected to harassment and suspended. When he brought his complaints to DCPS administrators and Chancellor Rhee, according to his testimony, he was “investigated, harassed, threatened, and ultimately terminated from his teaching position at the direction of Chancellor Rhee, DCPS, and Mr. Presswood.”

Mpoy originally sought to sue not only Rhee and Presswood, but also Mayor Adrian Fenty and the New Teacher Project. The judge decided that he could sue only Rhee and Presswood, based on claims that his First Amendment rights had been violated, and that the D.C. Whistleblower Law had been violated.