I don’t know if the term “overseas” is factually accurate, since some of the people reading this blog are part of the same continent as New York City, where I live.

But I wanted to express my appreciation to readers in other countries who are logging on to read the blog:

Most readers, of course, are in the U.S. Next in number are readers in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Thank you to readers in Thailand, India, Israel, Haiti, Mexico, Finland, Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, the Republic of Korea, Turkey, Italy, France, Brazil, the Russian Federation, Noway, Argentina, Philippines, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Chile, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, South Africa, Ukraine, Greece, Sweden, Romania, Pakistan, Singapore, Luxembourg, Northern Mariana Islands, Saudi Arabia, and dozens of other nations.

Welcome to a free-ranging discussion of the issues that are now roiling American education. As one of you wrote in a comment, it won’t be long before some of the same policies reach you. So, stay tuned and feel welcome to join the conversation.