New “blueprint” for Philadelphia calls for closing of 40 public schools of the city’s 249. They will be replaced by charters.

With more to be closed in the years ahead.

Similar shutdowns of public schools have started or been projected for Detroit, St. Louis, D.C.,  Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Kansas City.

School districts in Pennsylvania are facing bankruptcy, due to competition with charters.

Make no mistake, this is a blueprint for privatization.

This is a reversion to the early 19th century, when wealthy men provided “public” schools for poor children. They were charity schools, managed by philanthropists.

Now in the name of “reform,” the public schools are to be handed over to for-profit and non-profit corporations.

Children, especially minority children, will depend on the charity of the rich.

This is not innovation. This is a return to the way we provided schools for the children of the urban poor 200 years ago.